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Vampire hunter...sasusaku by Fey-Rayen Vampire hunter...sasusaku :iconfey-rayen:Fey-Rayen 1,816 243
Mature content
Reunion, as it should be :iconsakura1983:Sakura1983 25 21
Mature content
SasuSaku: My Raven's Kiss :iconfitall200:fitall200 58 29
Mature content
sasusaku LEMON :iconmissmisaki:missmisaki 28 15
sasusaku 2 part 6
It was Christmas eve, and Sasuke's house had been full for almost a two weeks. The girls were all busy planning the party, and hanging lavish clumps of misteltoe in doorways and passages around the house. Sakura had gone to the small town and brought back lots of decorations, which they had all taken to putting up so easily. 'Here comes santa claus' played in the background, making them all dance and sing along as they worked, and sending hinata plunging from her spot ontop of a stack of chairs a few times.
     The boys on the otherhand, were sorting entertainment, not just for them. Kiba, Shino, rock lee and kankuro, were all busy searching for girls to invite to the party, and sasuke, though very withdrawn, had said okay, and that they could invite as many people as they wanted, and they took him up on his offer. By the time they had finished, kiba and kankuro had somehow managed to invite every inhabitant of the small town under the age of twenty five.
:iconflegling:flegling 15 5
Naruto - Missing - SasuSaku
Naruto, Sakura and Sai were send out on an important mission, close to Orochimaru’s base. They stayed the night at an inn. Naruto and Sai shared one room, and Sakura had a room for herself. Although it was past midnight, one of the team members did not sleep.
Sakura opened the doors to her balcony and stepped into the night. It was a beautiful night view, a full moon and everything. It would have been very romantic for a couple in love.
The thought of love saddened her. Her dimmed eyes trailed down and watched her bare feet. Sasuke-kun… Sasuke-kun was really close, but still, she could not go to see him. She would die just to see him, or only hear his voice, but it wasn’t possible.
The urge to sing for him suddenly was there. Just to sing, sing into the dark night sky, for the stars and the moon to witness, and only them.
“Please, please forgive me
But I won't be home again
Maybe someday you'll look up,
And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one
Isn't something
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 159 74
SN Love and Marriage chapter 1
Sasuke looked up at the clear blue sky as he opened the front door of his house, today was… nice. Not that the stoic raven cared much for the weather, or any of the twittering, happy wildlife… especially the birds; he detested those the most. "I'm leaving," he called into his home and heard hurried foot steps approach him, as he wondered why he didn't just move.
"Have a good day at work Sasuke!" a bubble gum pink haired girl said with a sugar sweet smile as she kissed him lightly on the cheek and Sasuke had to hold back a grimace.
"Bye Sakura," he replied, his face still passive as he left the house and took out the keys to his black BMW as he went, slipping his ring finger though the hole in the key ring, the metal clinking off of the silver ring as he did so.
He opened his car door and sat inside the vehicle, closing the door and leaning his head back against the cool leather with a drawn sigh before putting the keys in the ignition and twisting them, making the car roar to
:iconsecret--writer:secret--writer 47 22
Sasusaku chapter 8
Sasusaku chap 8
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
(flashback fom when Sasuke and Sakura left the hpospital)
Sasuke pulled Sakura through the buildings, hurrying to the Hokage tower. He looked behind him and frowned. There were two ANBU root on their trail and Sakura was hardly keeping up.
Stopping abruptly, he pulled Sakura behind him and threw a couple of kunai at the root; they just deflected them and kept running head-on towards them.
“Surrender, and the kunoichi won’t die, Uchiha Sasuke.” One of them said, stopping a mere three feet away.
“You will be brought into custody, Uchiha. For betrayal and searching out Orochimaru, enemy to the village Hidden in the Leaves.” The other said.
“Sakura, don’t move, ok.” Sasuke whispered, “Follow my lead.”
She nodded mutely, keeping a keen eye on the two root members.
“What does Danzo want?” He asked.
“He wants the kunoichi dead.”
Sasuke frowned. He felt Sakura stiffen behind h
:iconsharingan-blossom:Sharingan-Blossom 61 19
Sasusaku chapter 7
Last time:
...You probably know, but she loves you, Sasuke. She keeps mumbling your name in her sleep. Just… don’t hurt her. Me in this condition is already doing that, but, heartbreak isn’t what she needs.”
Sasuke smirked when he looked away. “I understand.” He said quietly, and shut the door behind him. He leaned against the wall and looked to the ceiling. He smiled lightly. ‘Sakura… how can you love me after all this time?’ He asked, and listened to Mrs. Haruno hum to her daughter.
Chapter 7
“Tsunade-baa, what are we going to do about Danzo?” Naruto asked quietly. Sasuke had just left with Shizune and Naruto couldn’t wait too much longer to kill the bastard. He laughed to himself bitterly when he discovered that Sai had been killed. He would have killed him slowly and painfully; but, the fact that Sakura had done it made it all the better.
“Like Sasuke said, we still have the advantage. As long as he doesn’t find
:iconsharingan-blossom:Sharingan-Blossom 49 16
Sasusaku chapter 6
Sasusaku chap 6
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Chapter 6
“Now, Sasuke, there are questions I need you to answer.” Tsunade stated, now sitting at her desk.
Sasuke looked up from watching Sakura and nodded.
“What did you do after you killed Orochimaru?” She asked.
“I gathered a team that I had been planning on gathering since I met them all.”
“Who are they?” Naruto asked, slightly hurt that Sasuke had chosen them over him and Sakura.
“Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu.”
Naruto nodded and continued to stare out of the window, sitting in a chair next to the couch Sakura was sleeping on.
“Where are they now?” Tsunade asked.
“Karin and Suigetsu went their own ways when I said I was coming back here…”
“Juugo?” Shizune asked, “What about him?”
“He came with Sakura and me. He… he’s the origin of the cursed seal.” Sasuke said, looking at the Hokage, “He needs your help. He doesn
:iconsharingan-blossom:Sharingan-Blossom 53 16
Night - SasuSaku by strawberry-usagi101 Night - SasuSaku :iconstrawberry-usagi101:strawberry-usagi101 234 32 SasuSaku 4: Secret Meetings by uchihadood SasuSaku 4: Secret Meetings :iconuchihadood:uchihadood 180 16 SasuSaku Touch by Inspired-Destiny SasuSaku Touch :iconinspired-destiny:Inspired-Destiny 1,858 359 SasuSaku kisukisu - to Donnis by agrias SasuSaku kisukisu - to Donnis :iconagrias:agrias 357 65 SasuSaku lineart - hey there by askerian
Mature content
SasuSaku lineart - hey there :iconaskerian:askerian 613 54




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